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The StB Matchmaker


Resolution 672, Attachment 'E'

Freight Forwarder Submission Form
Changing Designated Contact: The information requested in this form is required to change Freight Forwarder designated contact to the IATA Multilateral e-AWB Agreement.

Completion Instructions:

Enter the requested details and submit the form.

Next steps: Signatory will receive e-mail from Adobe Sign ( to e-sign the form. Once done, the form will be sent to IATA Cargo for approval. Once approved, details will be updated in e-Cargo Matchmaker.

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Section 1: Details of Parent company

Company Name : 

Full Address : 

New Signatory

Signatory Full Name : 

Signatory Job Title : 

Signatory E-mail : 

Please CHANGE our following Affiliates' Designated Contact Details currently registered under the IATA MULTILATERAL E-AWB AGREEMENT (Resolution 672).

Section 2: Details of current Designated Contact(s)