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e-AWB Status Colors

e-AWB Status Color
Green Yes:
i. AWB data never needed
ii. OR: AWB data needed on execption and laser printed paper AWB can then be provided
Orange Conditional:
i. AWB data needed on exception and must be provided electronically (no paper AWB accepted)
ii. OR: AWB data needed systematically and can be provided electronically
iii. OR: AWB data needed systematically and can be provided on laser printer paper
iv. OR: Some airports are not aware of central regulations that are compatible with e-AWB and continue requestiong the paper AWB systematically

N.B. For countries marked as conditional further information is available online. (this hyperlink should forward the user to the following page:
Red No: All other cases
White No information available at this time.
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Location Name Location Code City Name Airport Name Airport Code e-freight Capability Target Status e-freight Domestic capable e-AWB Capable Import e-AWB Capable Export e-AWB Capable Transit e-AWB capable Transshipment Electronic Export Goods Declaration Capable Electronic Export Cargo Declaration Capable Electronic Import Cargo Declaration Capable Electronic Import Goods Declaration Capable Transit Freight Remaining on Board Capable Transhipment Capable Digitized Commercial Inv. + P.List Accepted Digitized Certificates of Origin Accepted
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